Report: Parents of Child YouTubers Worry Getting Pushed to YouTube Kids Will Make Them Less Money

Photo: Getty

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that YouTube was considering some drastic measures in response to growing criticism over its impact on childrenwhich has included everything from a federal investigation into whether it illegally tracked kids to controversies over disturbing content aimed at children and the sites use by pedophiles. Measures being considered by the company apparently included moving all childrens content into a separate product, the existing stand-alone YouTube Kids app, as well as disabling recommendation functions on videos aimed at kids, the Journal wrote.

One problem: Childrens and family-centric content on YouTube is some of the most popular on the site and thus is big business, with creators earning somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 on average for every million views. In 2017, YouTube told Time Magazine that family vlogging views were up 90 percent in the last year. Conversely, YouTube Kids reportedly generates a fraction of the traffic that the main site does, and per a Wednesday report by Marketwatch, parents of young YouTubers are concerned forcing their content into the walled-off app will cut into their earnings.


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