As Jigawa gov’t boosts education with motorcycles…


In this age that anything can be done to advance the cause of education especially in the northern part of the country, Jigawa state government has spared no effort at bringing succor to its staff.BAYO MUHAMMAD ALABIRA writes on the effort of the state SUBEB.

Education under whatever guise is the bed rock of all developments all over the world. It is the pillar on which all structural developments are built upon. It is a spring board on which the entire modern society rotates. It is also a pivot of modernisation which started right from the beginning of the world to the present modern world.


In view of this, just recently, Jigawa State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) distributed incentives in the form of motorcycles to its staff with a view to addressing problems associated with lack of close supervision and monitoring, inadequate teaching and learning as well as instructional materials in some primary and junior secondary schools under the board.

The board has, however, distributed 224 motorcycles, teaching and learning materials to its staff to serve as a morale booster to the teachers, headmasters and principals of both primary and junior secondary schools across the state. This is with the aim of outstanding performance in their final results of their students.

Above all, this gesture, according to Blueprint investigation, is to enhance a conducive learning environment. It is also to encourage parents to send more of their wards to schools. It can as well further strengthen the mind of the pupils and students to take their studies seriously.

Stating the reason behind the recent distribution of these learning materials to all the officers that cut out across the 27 local government areas of the state, the chairman of the board, Alhaji Salisu Zakari, said during the occasion that 224 motorcycles were distributed to School Support Officers (SSO) to ensure effective supervision and monitoring of schools activities in the state.

To this end, he stressed that on assumption of office from the time he took over the mantle of affairs in the board, he has employed more teachers to handle courses that are mostly science-oriented to enable the pupils and the students of junior secondary school in the state to be acquainted with subjects in science and technology.

Therefore, this gesture has set aside all obstacles that always pose a hindrance to the study of science courses most pupils and students usually ran away from. It was under the present administration that most of those schools located in the rural areas or places hitherto described as hard-to-reach remote places of the state, were rehabilitated and put to use with immediate effect.

However, investigation reveals that many schools in the country lack adequate provision of teaching and learning utensils. This problem always causes set-backs to many pupils and students, especially the primary school pupils and the junior secondary school students who deserve to be provided with good learning environment.

It was in view of this that the SUBEB chairman said the gesture of distributing the motorcycles to the SOS across the 27 local areas is to enable the state deliver and impact quality education to pupils and students in all schools that deserved it.

The beneficiaries

According to the chairman, The beneficiaries are our local education authorities (LEAs) staff, known as School Support Officers. The primary role of these officers is to monitor and mentor all teachers and head-teachers in all our primary and junior secondary schools.

Knowing very well that any good gesture brought by the government is usually abused by the public, the chairman used the occasion to warn any beneficiary that misuses mismanages and lose the motorcycle out of carelessness or negligence would be forced to pay back the money equivalence to the cost of the motorcycle.

Apart from the motorcycles, instructional materials were equallydistributed to schools across the local government areas of the state. These materials can enhance teaching and learning, if handled according to their specifications by teachers, headmasters and principals. Our education will definitely improve tremendously in Jigawa if the supervisors and monitors are actively alive on their jobs.

The instructional materials

While highlighting on those materials, he said, The instructional materials are 21,000 cartons of school chalk, 14,000 pieces of attendance register for primary schools, 1,990 pieces of attendance register for JSS, 28,000 pieces of duster, 14,000 pieces of record of work book, 377 science kits, 1,504 pieces of map for primary schools, 377 pieces of map for JSS, 59 heart models, 59 ear models, 59 human skeletons, 55 atomic, 60 kidney, 60 nose models, 56 brain models and 55 pieces of globe, he explained.

It is quite true that any society that has failed to provide the equitable distribution of education to its citizens will definitely never reach the height of any development whatsoever. Therefore, there is no two ways about carrying out a total rehabilitation and revitalisation of the education sector overtly or covertly anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, education is supreme because, for any nation to compete favourably with others in term of modern technological knowhow, a certain percentage of its citizens must have to reach a particular level in education that can give them the outmost satisfaction to their desire goals. As the saying goes, if you say education is costly, try ignorance.

Of course, a nation that fails to provide an equitable distribution of knowledge to its people, is a nation without foresight, it is a nation without future and a nation that will continue to be grappling with everlasting poverty, sorrow, traumatic situation such as gangsterism and an assault on innocent citizens, among other social vices.

The schools in the past

It was on record before the arrival of the present administration of Governor Mohammed Badaru Abubakar and the present boss at the helm of affairs at SUBEB, schools in the state were in bad shapes and in many cases were totally inhabitable by pupils and students.

The students or pupils could not occupy some of these dilapidated structures in Jigawa state because they were seriously in bad shapes. With the immediate effect when this administration came on board, it swung into action. Many of the structures were rehabilitated and fully put to use by pupils and students of the junior secondary schools.

When commenting, one of the beneficiaries expressed his view over what he called the energizer, saying, This is because it was fantastic for our new generation of students and pupils to be given enough and good qualitative education. This will also go a long way to improving our system of education to make it go in line with the world standard.

Also another beneficiary who volunteered his view but refused to disclose his name advised the state government and the board on how to sustain the good gesture, promote development in all facets of human lives and endeavours.

According to him, Giving out these teaching tools alone without proper monitoring and supervision cannot yield fruitful results. Because our people have a kind of bad habits of negligence and abandoning any programme brought by government, no matter how good and advantageous it is to the citizenry.


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