Gombe gov-elect, a subtle reminder


It is pertinent that I begin by congratulating you on the electoral victory that saw to your being the number one citizen of our 22-year-old state, a state that our elders fought to actualise out of sheer need for development. In 2011, you lost at the primaries while in 2015 you lost at the polls. These did not deter you for a third trial that turned out to be a successful outing. I want to believe you have a desire to see to the continued development of the state in your own way, which propelled your doggedness.

Created in 1996, Your Excellency-in-Waiting shall be its sixth First Citizen by May 29, 2019. Of the previous five, I term Senator Danjuma Goje as the architect of modern Gombe. He it is, who came up with a manifesto/blueprint that rolled Gombe into becoming a befitting state capital, and dividends of democracy reaching into the hinterlands. Any other performer takes to his footsteps.

Fortunately, you were Gojes finance commissioner for the two terms he piloted the affairs of the state, thus very much privy to all the developmental projects undertaken by the administration.

On Thursday, March 7, 2019, your party leader in the state, Sen. Danjuma Goje, featured in a political programme of Radio Progress (a private radio station in Gombe) titled Fitilar Siyasa. In it, he reminisce how his government paid attention to the social well-being of its citizenry, with particular reference to sustained provision of potable water, healthcare, electricity, and prompt payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities. We bear him witness.

There is no gain-saying the fact that these are four of critical areas of human development, the provision of which open up to others, particularly the economy; and where there is a vibrant economy, every other thing falls in line.

In this regard, and you being part of the lieutenants that saw to the actualization of the promises and pledges of your principal in his eight years of governance, the Gombawa have high expectations from you despite the enormity of the burden that lies ahead of your in-coming government. This is particularly so on the issues of pensions/gratuities, electricity, water and healthcare (in relation to ante-natal, delivery and post-natal services).

Interestingly, you raised and assured of my hope for a better Gombe state in your response to the speech of Murshid Usman Baba Liman, who led a delegation of the state Jamaatu Nasril Islam (JNI) on a congratulatory visit, a delegation I was part of.

Your proven integrity, humility and patience will no doubt be of immense help to persevere the pressures of leadership, as we pray Allah guide you in appointing patriotic lieutenants.

Muslihu Aminu Pindiga,

Arawa Quarters, Gombe.


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